Christmas in July, anyone?

{This baby shower actually was in December a couple of years ago and I just wanted to revisit it because I've got Christmas on my mind. I know, it's 100 degrees today and my boys are covered in popsicles, but what can I say? I love Christmas!}
I was struggling with hosting a shower at my house during the holidays because it was too close to Christmas to NOT have my tree and decorations up {it's a tradition around here to decorate the day after Thanksgiving}.  But I really didn't want it to be remembered as a "Christmas" theme baby shower.  So I decided that I would keep my decorations up, but minimize them a bit and rather than hide our Christmas tree, I incorporated my Christmas tree into the shower by hanging the party favors from the tree!
I put away all of our wrapped presents {I do not wait to wrap it all on one night like so many people do, but rather wrap the gifts as I buy them so that they look gorgeous under the tree all December}.  Instead I placed the prizes for winning the baby shower games under the tree.  
The theme of the shower was "A Baby is Brewing" and it was perfect for a baby shower in the winter! It was a cold, rainy day and we enjoyed hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate inside my toasty home. These little cups were filled with chocolate covered espresso beans and were the place holders at the dining room table. One of the games we played was "Baby Memory" where the guests had to match words and then won a candy bar that corresponded to the word they matched {i.e. if you found two cards with the word "contractions" you won a package of Whoopers}. It was a great game for our small group of ten friends. We enjoyed petit fours with the letter P on them {because the soon-to-arrive baby boy's name was Parker!} and this amazing cake from this bakery. I truly enjoyed hosting this baby shower for my sweet friend, Michelle. Thanks for taking a little trip down memory lane with me. Now... who is ready for some early Christmas shopping?!

Coming soon... a popsicle party!!

{photo by vanesscipes via flickr}
What could possibly be better on a hot summer afternoon??


Will you accept this rose?

Watching The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure. I rarely watch any tv so I didn't even know that a new season of The Bachelorette had begun until about a month into it, but as soon as I started watching, I was hooked! Here are a few of my thoughts on the outcome...
Cupcake, anyone?
How in the world did Ed's short green shorts show up here?!?!  Oh wait, those are my two year olds jammies... they're probably the same size.  Just joking... best wishes Jillian and Ed {she should've chosen Mr. San Diego though!}


It's a Fancy Nancy Soiree!

Ribbon, ruffles, butterflies, and mini teacups were all part of this 4th Birthday Soiree {that's a fancy word for party} inspired by the Fancy Nancy book, Bonjour Butterfly!
The invitations set the whimsical, fancy mood of the party. The paper used for the invitations was used throughout the party. Personally I'm a big fan of birthday parties held at home {there would have been a handmade banner and a million paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling!} but during this So Cal summer heat wave, having Kendall's party indoors at a party place was definitely a great choice.
The Birthday Girl wore a Fancy Nancy dress that was absolutely adorable!
Even her shoes were fancy! Kendall's favorite color is purple, so the table decorations were these adorable butterflies tied with light purple ribbon, fancy party beads dangling, and... These mini teacups with purple and pink swirled lollipops decorated the middle of each table. Each lollipop had a cardstock letter cut from the Cricut glued on it. One set of tea cups with lollipops spelled ooh la la! and the other spelled out Kendall!

The birthday cake was served on these fancy plates that matched Kendall's dress {the only item purchased from the Fancy Nancy party collection}.
Of course for a fancy soiree, regular Costco water bottle labels just won't do! I removed the store labels and replaced them with customized labels using the same paper used for the invitations and favor labels. Ribbon tied on each bottle made them extra fancy.
Stupendous Swag Bags... so fancy and fun!
Little scalloped favor labels tied with frilly ribbon {Thanks for fluttering over to my Birthday Soiree! Love, Kendall}
Favors for the adults are always sweet... butterfly shaped sugar cookies {my secret recipe} with a sweet little butterfly embellishment attached to the favor tag and ribbon.
And I couldn't resist posting this silly picture of the birthday girl's mama and I having our moment on the birthday throne!


Bonjour, Butterfly!

I am sooooo wishing I had a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party for myself!  Seriously, Fancy Nancy is THE cutest little theme for a little girl's birthday party and I am thrilled to be able to help sweet Kendall {soon to be 4 years old and seriously the cutest little thing I've ever seen!} fulfill her Fancy Nancy dreams. Here's a sneak peak... more pics coming in a few weeks after the big soiree!

Let the party begin!

{photo from holiday_jenny on flickr}
I have been having so much fun staying home with our boys these past few years.  My days are filled with cookies and milk, playdoh and markers... as well as parties, crafts, cupcakes, ribbon and other such fun stuff.  It is so much fun that I'm starting this blog dedicated to parties, crafting, and my sources of inspiration for pretty little things.  
My goal is to just keep doing what I'm doing now- small party planning projects and such for family, friends, and friends of friends.  So on that note, today I'm opening a little, tiny etsy shop.  Really very tiny... click on Busy Bee Birthday Shop samples on the top right and it will take you to my little etsy shop!  I have dreams of going BIG someday, but for now I'm going to enjoy every sweet little kiss from my boys and follow my new motto... keep calm and have a cupcake.  Hope you enjoy my new blog! 
You can sign up to follow this blog on the right side ---> and who knows, I just might start tweeting someday {but since I can't even set my own alarm clock, that would be really wild for me!} Check back often for party pictures, crafty ideas, and more fun stuff!