Happy Fall!

The boys and I celebrated the beginning of Fall with a Caramel Apple Party! We're still waiting for fall weather here, but ever since I first heard of this party theme last fall, I started thinking of fun ideas. To keep it fun and minimize the chaos, both of my boys chose just three of their favorite buddies to invite over.
On the menu: -Bacon, Apple, Cheddar Quiche -Apple Streusel Muffins -Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches (with apples and pecans) -PB&J sandwiches for the kids, shaped like apples -Apple slices with caramel cream cheese dip
To drink: -Hot spiced apple cider -Chilled apple cider -Coffee (I searched for caramel apple creamer, but couldn't find it... bummer) -100 % apple juice boxes for the kids
Sweet Treats: -Red apple cupcakes -Green apple cupcakes -Red apple cookies -Red apple cake pops inspired by Bakerella
Apple Craft for the kids: Caramel apple making was the main event. I invisioned sticky, gooey messiness, but thanks to the kids being well-occupied with the train tracks upstairs in the toy room, they came downstairs at different times so it was easy to help them make their sweet apple creations. And no party would be complete without party favors! I was going to have them stamp their own favor bag with apples dipped in paint, but since it was too hot to do that outside and I couldn't handle having all those little ones with paint inside, the bags were plain. They were filled with yummy apple inspired treats. And moms deserve party favors too!
There were plenty of fun little details, but my favorite detail of them all is this apple drawing that welcomed our guests on the front door, drawn by my 4-year old party co-host Samuel. Happy Fall everyone!


Featured on one of my favorite sites!!

Thank you, Shannon, for featuring sweet Kendall's Fancy Nancy Soiree on your site last week!  I love Creative Parties and Showers.  I seriously check it every single day.  So it was really exciting to see one of my parties on there!!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

How cute are these?! I got the idea from here and thought they were the cutest little cupcakes ever. I made 35 of these for another Back to School training {last month- Somehow I had this saved as a draft and forgot to publish it, so better late than never!} for the teachers at a local elementary school, along with some cute water bottle labels. It *almost* made me miss teaching... okay really, I just thought it woud've been fun to get a fun cupcake like this back when I was teaching 2nd grade!  


Rice Krispie pops!

I love, love, love cake pops! Bakerella really has perfected the art of cake pops... oh yes, it's art! I cleared my schedule last night to make her adorable apple pops (pictures coming soon), but if you're short on time and still want that "cute" factor, why not try these? When baking desserts for a rehearsal dinner a few weeks back, I needed something "cute" but also quick and easy. And since it was 129 thousand degrees outside that day, I needed something that wouldn't melt in the heat. I came up with these little Rice Krispie treats on a lollipop stick. Cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and tied with a simple ribbon, these little cuties did the trick!


Give-away time!

I found a cute new party blog!!  This girl has super cute stuff and she's brand new... and she's having a give-away.  So hop on over to her blog and leave her a comment by Sunday night to be entered to win!!  If you win, I'll make you coordinating cookies for your next party :)

A sweet rehearsal dinner

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to bake the desserts for a rehearsal dinner a few weeks ago. The color scheme was so fun to work with and so was the happy couple. I wish I could be as laid back as they are... especially on the night before their wedding!


Apple Cake Pops

Oh Bakerella, how I love her! Everything she makes is perfectly adorable and delicious. These little cuties are also on the dessert menu for our Caramel Apple Party! Hope mine come out half as cute as hers.


It's Apple Season!!

I don't know about you, but we are SO ready for Fall here. The boys and I are celebrating the beginning of the season this week with a little Caramel Apple Party! They each chose a few of their favorite friends (and their sweet mamas) to come over for brunch, apple craft, and caramel apple making!! I wish we could've invited more, but we're trying to stick to a budget here... something I'm infamous for being really, really bad at doing! These adorable apple cupcakes are on the menu for dessert. I found them here and love any excuse to make them! More apple pictures coming soon!