Time to celebrate!!

Sometimes it's hard being the one who plans all the parties because when it's time for my own birthday, who does the planning? Normally we do something nice as a family and I love it, but I don't always spend time with friends or get a break. This year I got everything I wished for... time with good friends, time alone (with a good book and a pedicure to keep me company) AND special time with my family! The tricky part for me was planning something for myself with friends without making it about ME, ME, ME... I didn't need gifts, just time to relax and hang out with some of my favorite girlfriends. I had seen a "Favorite Things" party on a blog forever ago (sorry, don't remember where!) and loved the idea of getting to share some of our favorite things with each other. Throw in a few of my favorite appetizers, favorite drinks and desserts, and of course favorite friends (with my favorite show, The Bachelorette, on) and it was a fabulous night!! I was so relaxed that I forgot to get a group picture and I had also wanted to get a picture of all of our "favorite things" that we swapped. It was such a fun assortment of things, from mascara to crock pot and vegetable steamer bags and everything in between!

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  1. Yay! I love that you are catching up on your party blog! That jam is soooooo good. My new favorite. :)